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  • Genio provides excellent antiwear, antifriction and anticorrosion protection

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We create exclusive coatings using proprietary blends of solid lubricants. Our services include coating application, and our thickness ranges from 0.4um to 2.5um. Experience our unique offerings today.

Our Coating

Our company produces unique coatings based on various proprietary blends of solid lubricants. Besides actual coatings, we do provide coating application services. Our coating thickness can be as low as 0.4um up to 2.5um

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Leveraging advanced tech, we provide tailored solutions for diverse sectors like mining, construction, military, energy, farming, automotive, and more. Our coatings utilize proprietary blends of solid lubricants like MoS2, WS2, hBN, graphite, graphene, and others.


We do adapt cutting edge technology to deliver solutions to most demanding applications, such as mining, construction, military, energy, farming, automotive and many more. We use proprietary blends of various solids, such as MoS2, WS2, hBN, graphite, graphene and more

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Apart from solid protective coatings, we offer premium lubricants/greases. Our greases provide exceptional protection in applications where a solid coating alone may not suffice.


In addition to solid protective coatings, we provide high quality lubricants/greases. Our greases deliver exceptional protection to application where solid coating alone can not provide protection.

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Benefits of Genio coatings

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Genio coatings are applied to many parts in various industries. To mention several:

What Materials Could Be Coated?

The versatility of our coatings allows them to be applied on a wide range of metallic surfaces, encompassing various forms of steel (high-speed steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, etc.), as well as aluminum, titanium alloys, copper, brass, and more. Additionally, these coatings can effectively be applied to carbide, ceramic, and plastic surfaces.

For a comprehensive understanding of the suggested coatings’ properties, please refer to Table I, where we have outlined their basic characteristics.

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About Our Technology

How We Apply Coating to the Parts?

The application of the coating to customer parts utilizes a range of methods, including pressurized gas spraying (air, nitrogen, argon, etc.), brushing, and sputtering. Based on customer preferences, the coatings can be deposited at an ambient temperature with or without binders or adhesives.

Through a personalized approach, we ensure strong adhesion of the coating to the customer parts, achieving a thickness ranging from 0.5 μm to 3.0 μm.

As per customer requests, we can modify and strengthen the parts’ surfaces to enhance the productivity of the solid lubricant coating. Prior to the deposition of the lubricant, various surface modification methods can be applied, including anodizing, plating, PVD or CVD coating, nitrating, or other suitable surface enhancements.

For each specific application, we engage in thorough discussions with the customer to understand their requirements. Based on this collaboration, we suggest the most suitable coating that best matches their needs and expectations.

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